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Backup Sump Pump



When a drain gets clogged, it can cause problems beyond just a temporary inconvenience. When drains get clogged and water does not drain properly, it can end up breaching the protective seals around tubs, sinks, faucets and drain pipes leaking onto flooring, under tiles, and onto ceilings that lay below.  Left untreated, this can lead to serios both structural and health issues in the form of wrought and mould.

We have the experience and tools necessary to deal with a variety of clogged drains, whether it’s cooking grease build up in a kitchen sink drain or hair and soapy build up in a bathtub drain. Our drainage specialists are ready to offer prompt and attentive care throughout the Greater Vancouver area. Call us today to resolve your drainage issues!


Broken or blocked Perimeter Drainage Systems can lead to Water Damage.  Drain Tile, often overlooked and ignored, is a very important in keeping your basement dry and protecting your foundation from water penetration and foundation erosion.  The Perimeter Drainage experts at Rotor Plumbing and Drainage Ltd. have been resolving Perimeter Drainage issues since 1998.


Signs of Perimeter Drainage and Drain Tile Failure Include:

Pooling of water in yard, basement, or crawl space
Water stains along the walls or floor
Presence of a Damp or Musty odour
Signs of Mold and mildew which may be black, brown, yellow or green
Concrete spalling which has a grey or whitish ashy appearance
roofing drainage


The Drain Tile specialists at Rotor Plumbing and Drainage Ltd. are experts in the Diagnosis, Repair, Replacement, and Installation of Drainage Systems. Our trained technicians have high-definition cameras along with the expertise to scope your drainage systems and quickly find the issue at hand.  A thorough inspection of your Drainage Tile System will enable us to determine if you need a Drain Tile Repair, Perimeter Drainage Replacement, or an Upgraded of your existing Perimeter Drainage System.  For a Drain Tile Cleaning, Inspection, Upgrade, Repair or Replacement, call Rotor Plumbing and Drainage Ltd., to resolve your Perimeter Drainage issues today!



Over time your business and home’s pipes can accumulate debris that can eventually lead to clogs in your pipes that can damage your home or business.  Greater Vancouver areas Hydro Flushing experts, Rotor Plumbing and Drainage offers a safe, simple, and reliable method to remove the build up in your pipes utilizing a process of water jetting.

Sewer flushing is a process that uses a high-pressure jet of water to flush out debris from our home or business’s drain and sewer systems.  Your business and home's drainpipes will accumulate years of hair, make-up, soap, grease, along with other odds and ends that inadvertently find their way into your drainage and sewer systems.  If these buildups go unrectified for too long you could find yourself with extremely costly repairs.

Periodic drain and sewer line flushing maintenance with our high-pressure jetting equipment can save you money in the long run by preventing minor clogs from turning into major blockages. Over time, buildup can affect the integrity of your pipes, it’s imperative to keep your lines clear so you don’t find yourself faced with an even worse situation like Burst Pipes or a Sewage Back-Up.


With nearly 25 years of resolving both commercial and residential Drainage and Sewage issues throughout the Vancouver Lower mainland, our sewage and drainage experts can ensure that your Drainage and Sewer systems are operating optimally.  Whether you require Repairs, Replacement, or just Cleaning and Maintenance, Rotor Plumbing and Drainage Ltd., can take care of your residential and commercial Drainage and Sewage needs.


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